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What Does a Submersible Pump Look Like?

You’ve probably seen a lot of old-fashioned wells made of concrete and unsightly tin lids. Do away with that mental image, because modern submersible bores can’t be seen! That’s right — the top of the bore box is fitted with a small lid that can be buried under mulch, gravel, lawn or even paving. If you request that it be mounted flush, we can do that for you.

However, saying that, if you really do want to know what the pumps look like then see our Franklin Electric brand to the right.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Garden Bore?

The project usually takes about a week to complete. Scheduling tip: the ideal time to start your project is before the summer in Perth–that’s when our workload gets the busiest.

Where Can I Have My Bore Drilled?

Luckily, we have different-sized rigs that suit most access requirements. It’s nice and easy when we can simply back a drilling rig up to a flat piece of lawn, but we know it’s not always possible. That’s why we have rigs for tight spots, 4WD drive drilling rigs for difficult terrain, and specialised equipment for boring in sandy areas. Sometimes, the only location to drill is in the driveway. In this case, we’ll finish the project off with a smoothly trafficable lid.

The ideal drilling position will be:

  • As close to the electrical power connection as possible.
  • Clear of underground services such as gas, sewerage and water mains.
  • Clear of overhead obstructions, so the mast of the drilling rig can fit.

Why Won’t My Old Bore Start?

Give us a call or email a service request. It would help if you could tell us:

  • The age of the well (date of bore).
  • If the pump is starting but no water.
  • If the pump is not starting at all.

This helps us send the correct service personnel, with the right technical knowledge, first time and helps avoid multiple call-outs.

Should I test my bore and reticulation during the Perth winter sprinkler bans (1st June to 31st August) and am I allowed to?

The Water Department recommends that:

“… wherever possible maintenance, repairs and testing are carried out on one of your allocated September to May sprinkler roster days… and before 9 am or after 6pm.”

Why Does the Circuit-Breaker in My Meter Box Keep Tripping When I Turn My Bore On?

This is some kind of electrical problem or a fused motor. If the repair is simple, we will send a bore electrician to repair. If it’s beyond repair, the electrician will certify that the motor is fused, then a replacement can be arranged.

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